U-Haul Rentals

U-Haul© Truck Rentals In Kansas City, MO

Moving? AA Northland Stor-All, LLC. is an Authorized U-Haul© Dealer. Our team offers complete assistance with U-Haul truck rentals in Kansas City, MO. We will help you find the right size truck to drive for your successful move. Our available vehicles offer supreme versatility and the ability to move everything — from a single piece of furniture to an entire household. Call us today at (816) 587-5330 to make your reservation.

Investing in storage units is essential for when you want to pack away your items safely. AA Northland Sor-All, LLC. offers customers the chance to make U-Haul truck rentals for moving purposes, but you can also rent U-Haul storage units. It's important to have a safe place to store your personal belongings, which is why we offer a variety of unit sizes for your convenience. We have climate-controlled units that will be certain to keep everything in prime condition from the moment you store it.

Moving and storing has never been easier with the use of U-Haul products. We are committed to making each customer experience as seamless as possible during their stressful moving times. Every so often, we get customers who need to make a major move while other significant events are happening. Our team can help them get the things they need to the storage units they rent and later provide them with the U-Haul truck rentals they need for the move-in date.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. We would love to provide the best possible experience for your moving and storage needs. AA Northland Stor-All, LLC. prides itself on outstanding customer service, so please feel free to answer any inquiries.